Freedom Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 2/9/2020
Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Title: Winter Film Series: THE FAREWELL (US, 2019)
Contact: Elizabeth Rhymer, 603-539-5176
Location: Freedom Public Library
The library's Winter Film Series selection today is "The Farewell". This free series consists of six films shown on Sundays at 4:00 during the months of January, February and March. Popcorn is served. Stay afterward if you can for a free soup and bread supper and a chance to discuss the film. There is a signup sheet at the library for volunteers to bring soup, bread and dessert.

Lulu Wang’s comedy drama of well-intentioned deception, in English and Mandarin, takes place primarily in China and deals with the way two different cultures address end of life experiences.  When New Yorker , Billi, played by the rising rapper/actress/comedian Awkwafina, hears that her Grandmother in China, Nai Nai, is dying, she is overcome with grief and makes plans to visit with other members of the family for one final visit.  The Chinese relatives, following Eastern customs of withholding health information from patients in the family, decide to concoct an elaborate scheme to disguise the real reason for the visit and make plans to stage a wedding for Billi’s cousin.  What should be a joyous occasion is of course a difficult time for the family members who have to conceal their sorrow about their grandmother’s terminal illness.  The movie deftly addresses the conflict between Eastern values of protecting the dying from the truth with Western values of allowing the individual to know and to be informed.  Somehow this story of death and grief is told with a somewhat light touch with even a few laughs along the way.  Still, don’t forget your box of tissues.            603-539-5176