Elizabeth Rhymer, Library Director

Elizabeth Rhymer has been Director of the Freedom Public Library since 2003. She holds a Masters of Library Science from The Catholic University of America and a BA in Psychology from the University of North Carolina. Elizabeth supports the wide ranging mission of the Freedom Public Library, but she especially values its role as a center of community life. She and her family have lived across from the library since 1994, when her daughters used to shuffle across the street in their pajamas for bedtime stories.

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Margarete Stevens, Assistant Librarian

Margarete moved to the Valley in 2005 to take advantage of outdoor activities in the White Mountains. She holds an Honors BA in Political Science and is currently undertaking studies in Information and Library Science at the University of Maine. She is excited to be a member of the team at the Freedom Public Library and enjoys being part of the Freedom community.

Amanda Feuerborn, Library Assistant

Amanda is a Freedom native with a passion for books and authors. She has degrees in Business Management and Retail Merchandising. She resides in her family's farm house where she and her son are the 4th and 5th generations to live there. She has worked at the Freedom Public Library since 2017.

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Louie, Library Greeter

Louie the library cat started work as mascot and official greeter in 2004 after arriving in Freedom via the Conway Area Humane Society. He is likely Freedom's "most famous resident" with many people visiting the library just to meet him. He has been featured in Cat Fancy magazine, New Hampshire magazine, and in the book "The True Tails of Baker and Taylor," a book about library cats. He has also starred on the cover of book distributor Baker and Taylor's 2015 promotional calendar. Louie lives with library director Elizabeth at her home when he's not working.


Library Trustees

The Freedom Public Library Trustees are a five-member elected board to whom the Library is entrusted. There is also one alternate member who is expected to attend all meetings, participate in discussions, but not have voting power unless a Trustee is absent on the partiucular occastion. Each board member is expected to assume one of the three roles necessary to running the organization: Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer.
The position of Chair is one requiring leadership, tact, and a thorough understanding of the library's goals and challenges. The Chair prepares a written agenda in consultation with the Director and the other board members.
Current Chair: Chuck Brooks

The Sectretary is responsible for accurately recording the minutes of the board meetings and making them publicly accessible within five business days after every meeting. He/she is also responsible for posting notice of each meeting in accordance with State law.
Current Secretary: Paul Mathieu

The Treasurer is responsible for oversight of all library funds. He/she must submit regular reports to the board on the fincial status of the lirbary in relation to the current budget. The Treasurer also helps with preparation of the annual budget.
Current TreasurerJayne Britton

Trustee  Maureen Elliott 
Trustee  Ann Pierce

The Trustees are vested with the entire custody and management of the library. They select the Library Director and the Assistant librarian, adopt policies to govern the library's operations, and work for adequate financial support of the library. They have the power to expend all funds provided to the library, and determine how they will be spent.

A person seeking a position on the board should have a strong interest in the library and its welfare, along with a commitment to lifelong learning; a Trustee must be willing to learn about library service and fully participate in the responsibilities of the position. The result is the sense of satisfaction one gets from participating in the community that the library promotes.