Volunteering at Freedom Public Library

The operating budget of the Library is pretty small; it covers salaries, books, utilities, lawn care, maintenance, computer equipment, supplies...everything!  We could never run the library on that budget without the help of our dedicated crew of volunteers. Volunteers provide over 1000 hours in shifts worked at the library and countless additional hours on special projects and programs every year.

There are many different areas in which people can volunteer at the library. If anything you see below sounds like something you’d like to do, come chat with Amanda in the Library. You can also fill out a Volunteer Application, and bring it in, or email it to Amanda at circ@freedompubliclibrary.org.

Circulation Volunteers

The volunteers who work at the Circulation Desk are the backbone of the library. They spend 2-3 hours per week helping to check materials in and out for patrons, help patrons find items in the library, and help the Library Director and Assistant Librarian with many tasks. We’re looking for folks who might like a regular weekly shift, as well as substitutes for those times when our regular volunteers aren’t available.

Shelving Volunteers

We always welcome folks who would be willing to shelve books during busy seasons, or make sure the books on the shelves are in the right order. If you're interested in learning how to repair books, we can arrange that, too.

Building Maintenance Volunteers

Handy with tools? Got a knack for building? We’d love to have folks available to be on call to make sure the building keeps standing.

Do you know how to show dust who’s boss? We’d love to have folks who’d be willing to visit once in a while to help keep the building tidy and the plants sufficiently watered.

Activities Volunteers

Do you like working with kids? We’re always looking for folks to help out with our events for preschoolers, kids, teens, and families, from basic chaperoning to setting up and helping to run the festivities! Or to make cookies…we can never have too many cookies for our events!

If working with kids isn’t your thing, we’d also love to have folks willing to teach a class on technology (using computers, tablets, smart phones, etc.), or other fun and exciting subjects.

Publicity Volunteers

With so much going on at the library, we're always looking for folks who can change our road sign, or create and distribute flyers and other advertisements for publicity.

Occasionally we do some fundraising at the Library, like our recent iPad mini raffle during Old Home Week. If selling tickets is up your alley, let us know! We’d also love to have folks who might help with writing grants.

Books on Wheels Volunteers

The library offers a Books on Wheels service for residents who are homebound or have limited mobility. We’re looking for folks to be on call to deliver to and pick up from our patrons who can't make it down to the library.

These are just the different opportunities available inside the Library! Both the Library Trustees and the Friends of the Library are boards comprised of volunteers who work with the Library to make sure we can deliver the best possible service to all our patrons!
If you’d like more information on the Library Trustees, click here. If you’d like more information on the Friends of the Library, click here.

Some of the volunteers you might see at the library

Lee Fritz volunteer
Lee Fritz, Circulation Desk Bill Stoops, Building Maintenance