Magazines & Newspapers

The Library has a limited selection of magazines and newspapers. Current subscriptions are available in the Library's Reading Room. Back issues of magazines are available downstairs near the Westerns.

A large number of magazines are moving to digital-only publication; some favorite titles may no longer be available in our collection because of this.


The Library currently subscribes to the following magazines, which are available to check out for two weeks.

  • Allrecipes
  • Clean Eating
  • Consumer Reports
  • Cooks Illustrated
  • Food Network
  • Lego Life
  • Magnolia Journal
  • Mary Jane's Farm
  • New Hampshire Magazine
  • New Hampshire Wildlife Journal
  • Northern Woodlands
  • Outside
  • People Magazine
  • Ranger Rick
  • Real Simple
  • Vanity Fair
  • Yankee
  • Yes!

Magazines are also available in a digital format through the NH Downloadable Library.

If there's a magazine that the Library doesn't subscribe to that you think would be a good fit, send a suggestion to


The Library receives a new copy of the Carroll County Independent every Thursday. We do not keep previous issues.

The New York Times book review is donated to the Library.