Joel Rhymer

Featured Artist through September

Old Portland Road and Elm Street are the two main streets that make up the heart of Freedom Village, where Joel Rhymer and his family lived for the past 28 years. Over that time, Joel captured countless candid photos and portraits of family friends, neighbors, and Freedom visitors. He has selected nearly 100 of those photographs for a special display he calls “Old Portland and Elm” which will be on view at the Freedom Public Library from July 6 through the end of September.

Every photograph in the collection was made somewhere along Old Portland and Elm during public events, encounters on the road, or visits with neighbors over the years. The photos are a loving tribute to old friends, full of lasting memories and heartwarming times. This once-in-a-lifetime collection will be at the Freedom Public Library only from July through September.

Rhymer is already well-known in Freedom for his thought-provoking landscape and people pictures. In addition to this special display for the library, he is hanging up some of his favorite photographs he has made during recent years around New England and elsewhere. Rhymer has also recently published a book of street photography, “My Ego Confuses My Heart,” and a few selected works from that collection will be on view in the library gallery as well.