Library Trustees

The Freedom Public Library Trustees are a five-member elected board which is vested with the entire custody and management of the library. They select the Library Director and the Assistant librarian, adopt policies to govern the library's operations, and work for adequate financial support of the library. They have the power to expend all funds provided to the library, and determine how they will be spent.

A person seeking a position on the board should have a strong interest in the library and its welfare, along with a commitment to lifelong learning; a Trustee must be willing to learn about library service and fully participate in the responsibilities of the position. The result is the sense of satisfaction one gets from participating in the community that the library promotes.

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Chair: Paul Mathieu
The position of Chair is one requiring leadership, tact, and a thorough understanding of the library's goals and challenges. The Chair prepares a written agenda in consultation with the Director and the other board members.

Secretary: Luane Genest
The Sectretary is responsible for accurately recording the minutes of the board meetings and making them publicly accessible within five business days after every meeting. He/she is also responsible for posting notice of each meeting in accordance with State law.

Treasurer: Robin Waters
The Treasurer is responsible for oversight of all library funds. He/she must submit regular reports to the board on the financial status of the lirbary in relation to the current budget. The Treasurer also helps with preparation of the annual budget.

Trustee:  Maureen Elliott 
Trustee:  Ann Pierce