Find a Golden Ticket!

April 1st - June 17th

golden ticketSomewhere in the J section of the Library--fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels--6 Golden Tickets are hidden. You won't find a slip of paper or anything; a ticket will only reveal itself if the book that has it is checked out.


How it works

  • Check out books like you normally do. If one of the books you check out has a Golden Ticket, then an announcement will pop up when you check out the book at the Circulation Desk.
    • No checking out books just to see if it has a Golden Ticket! Only check out books you intend to read.

  • Once you've checked out a Golden Ticket book, you'll get a question sheet to take home. Answer all the questions about the book, and bring the sheet back to the Library.

  • Once you've returned the completed sheet, you get to take home a free book of your choice from our free books collection, as well as your choice of 5 Library bookmarks!

If you find a Golden Ticket, but don't want to claim it, just let us know. We'll make sure the ticket finds a home in a different book for someone else to find.

If any of the 6 Golden Tickets aren't claimed by Friday, June 17th, they'll disappear into the magical realm...until the next time they appear, at least!

Golden Tickets Found: 0/6